The weather hasn’t been particularly spring-like here in South Yorkshire recently. So, when we received a call from Dave Howes of NPS Barnsley telling us that a floor in one of the local schools had flooded over the Easter break and needed ‘help’, we were ready to respond.

Mick Silkstone and John Reeves from the A Cumberlidge team headed over to Cudworth Churchfields School to assess the damage and found that a large area of the beautiful 22mm wood block Herringbone floor was ‘under water’ following an unseasonably heavy and prolonged rain storm.

Explains Mick: “Our first job was to exhaust the excess water before removing the swollen and ‘tenting’ timber flooring blocks. We then dried these blocks out and prepared the excavated floor area in order to reinstate once dry.

“Placing the blocks back in the floor resembled a giant jigsaw puzzle! We had to cut and carve each block to ensure it fitted back into place. The reinstated blocks were then sanded with 3 x grades of sand paper before receiving a seal application. It was very detailed and precise work but a very satisfying project with the finished floor restored back to its former glory just in time for the children returning to school.”

Concludes Tim Vaughan, director at A Cumberlidge: “Mick and John did a superb job under considerable time pressure and the client was delighted with the outcome. The head teacher was also very relieved to see everything back in place for the start of the new term – all part of the Cumberlidge service.”