We’ve always taken recycling very seriously here at A Cumberlidge and remain committed to ‘doing our bit’ and further improving our environmental credentials however we can.

As director Andrew Reeves headed off to Liverpool to meet one of his footballing heroes – Kevin Keegan – and collect our Bronze award at this year’s Recofloor Awards, we thought we’d offer a brief insight into our ongoing recycling work.

Thursday just so happens to be cardboard day, and it has been for over eight years. We pay local waste management firm, KCM, a nominal fee to remove all of our cardboard waste pictured here stacked up outside our warehouse.

Cardboard recycling at A Cumberlidge

Weekly cardboard recycling at A Cumberlidge

Thanks to this weekly arrangement, we have a solid 95% recycling rate on such packaging, something we are very proud of and we believe puts us ‘ahead of the field’ in our industry.

To close, we had to share a picture of one member of our team, Jason Jacobs, who is ably demonstrating the return of ‘off-cut waste’ to the Recofloor bag which will be collected next week. Go Jason!

Recycling at A Cumberlidge with KCM and Recofloor

Jason from A Cumberlidge doing his recycling bit and filling the Recofloor bag!