We’re looking forward to welcoming Lee Rowley, MP for North East Derbyshire, to our offices on Friday 17th May to discuss a variety of topics including Brexit and its impact on our business and the UK flooring industry.

Explains Tim Vaughan, director at A Cumberlidge: “Brexit is a daily topic of conversation not only here at our commercial premises but with clients, at home and even when I’m out running! It is the most polarising socio-political event of our time and we need to understand its ramifications. As such, we’ve invited Lee to join us, and anyone else who wishes to attend, to talk about Brexit from his political and personal perspective and discover how we can work together to maximise opportunity and minimise threat.”

If you’d like to take part in the discussion and and Lee Rowley MP a specific question about local and regional business development in light of Brexit, please email tim@cumberlidge.com for further details.