The A Cumberlidge team has worked as a tried and trusted supply partner to the Hesley Group for almost a decade. In that time, we’ve built up an excellent working relationship with many of the staff at the Hesley Village and continue to work closely with Tom Bottomley, estates manager for the Hesley Group.

Located in the village of Tickhill, Doncaster, the Hesley Village is a specialist residential service providing high standards of accommodation, personal care and support for adults aged 18 years and over, all of whom have a learning disability, often together with autism and complex needs including behaviour that may challenge.

Hesley Village provides a range of single person and shared accommodation to meet the needs of each individual. Choice of accommodation takes into account a person’s wishes and preferences, needs, capabilities, age and social development. Perpetual investment in modern, high quality accommodation and gardens reflects the Hesley Group’s desire to provide the best for those individuals who live in Hesley Village.

We caught up with Tom to find out more about this successful partnership and what it means for the Group and its clients.

Q: How did A Cumberlidge become a supplier to the Hesley Group?

A: Initially, they were working as a sub-contractor for another firm and were tasked with a tiling project. I remember Tim Vaughan coming to Hesley Village for the first time to check the quality of the work. Anyone who visits the site must be escorted so, as I took him to look at the tiling, we got chatting and I mentioned that we were looking for another flooring contractor. The rest, as they say, is history!

Q: What specific work does A Cumberlidge deliver for the Hesley Group?

A: For a number of years the team did flooring for us. We have a high-level turnover of fixtures and fittings and a rolling programme of refurbishing and upgrading properties so there is always work to do. As we got to know Tim and the team, we spent time talking about how to improve efficiencies and potentially deliver cost savings whilst maintaining our very high standards.

Following several meetings, we decided on a product standardisation which sees us specify Polyflor products across all accommodations. There are 100s of colours to choose from so the people we support can select colours of their choice for their kitchen, bedroom and bathroom floors, something that really helps to boost their happiness and overall wellbeing.

During a discussion with Tim about replacing wall coverings, he showed us a range that Altro offer that was ideal for our requirements. As with the Polyflor portfolio, there are many options to meet the needs and colourway choices for people to choose from. Whether it be walls or floors, they can create personalised spaces in their own accommodation. Having an input into designing their environment means a great deal to every person we support.

Altro Whiterock PVC sheet cladding installed for Hesley Group by A Cumberlidge

Altro Whiterock PVC sheet cladding installed for Hesley Group by A Cumberlidge

Q: How many people live at Hesley Village?

A: There are currently 75 people living at Hesley Village in a mix of shared and individual accommodation. Some people prefer to live on their own and some like to live with others. We offer the best of both worlds.

Q: What specific challenges has 2020 thrown your way?

A:   Obviously, during lockdown, access to Hesley Village was limited. We experienced some property damage but we had no choice but to reduce the number of contractors on site in line with Government guidelines. Add into that the fact that those we support were restricted with their activities, it was not always appropriate or COVID safe to access the community, for example, so we had to be creative with how resolved any issues with damage to properties.

As ever, Tim and his team took a very positive and proactive approach to these restrictions and worked 24 hours a day to suit our needs and those of the people we support. That flexibility was just what we needed.

We’ve not done as much ‘wear & tear’ work this year because of the restrictions so we’ve focused on cap ex and refurb work as required.

Q: What skills and qualities to you value the most in the partnership?

A: A Cumberlidge are problem solvers and that’s extremely helpful when you’re an estates manager! I can phone Tim on a Tuesday afternoon at 4pm and explain any challenges or issues we’re facing and he’ll always say to me: “Let me have a think about that Tom. I’ll get back to you in 20 minutes.” And he always does, without fail. He’s come up with a solution to every problem we’ve ever had, that is a very rare quality in a supplier.

As a client, we’re also willing and ready to try new things. For example, vinyl flooring can only be supplied in certain widths so there is always a join when a floor covering is installed in a larger area such as a kitchen. One of the individuals we support has a real problem with these joins and is prone to ripping up the flooring which then has to continually be replaced. As such, Tim came up the idea of laying a resin floor – no joins! We’re now trialling this to see how it goes; so far, so good.

The Altro Resin Flexiflow Comfort flooring on trial as a new floor covering at Hesley Village

Not afraid to think out of the box, challenge the norm and innovate for the benefit of all of those people we support, those are the qualities that A Cumberlidge bring to the Hesley Group. Each and every member of the team cares about the work they do, they want it to be the very best. Plus, I can trust them to get the job done first time, every time and that’s priceless.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to any firm looking for a reliable and trustworthy specialist flooring and tiling contractor that always goes the extra mile. And I must say that Tim does a cracking job for a man of his age!