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It is with great sadness that we share the news of the death of Brian Cumberlidge.

Whilst Brian’s latter years were spent away from the local area, there are many folk who remember him fondly.

Inheriting the family business from his father Arnold, A. Cumberlidge grew to be synonymous in the South Yorkshire area, whether (in the early years) as a plastering and tiling organisation or, latterly, as a finishes facilitator.

Brian was joined by Keith and Tim, circa. 1989, to run and expand operations.

Clients included local authorities, educational establishments and the various steel works.

With many larger projects carried out in the Super Pit era, there are also many local authority toilets with the Cumberlidge stamp upon them.

Brian retired from corporate life in 1996, eventually residing in Umbria, before ending his days in Portugal.

Remembered and missed by many, Brian leaves a business ethos that continues to shine bright in gravitas, value and sincerity.