We’re very happy to have finally got ‘in the ring’ and installed a new floor covering at a Sheffield boxing gym for the nominal sum of £1.

The Titans Boxing Gym located in Gleadless is run by former professional boxer, John ‘Fireball’ Fewkes. John trains ‘up-and-coming’ young boxers at the community facility, as well as adults who want to keep fit. His Saturday morning sessions are hugely popular with local youngsters who wish to learn the discipline and skill of the popular sport.

Explains Tim Vaughan, commercial director at A Cumberlidge: “I was speaking with a friend who mentioned that his son had started attending the Titans Boxing Gym and he made the point of telling me how bad the floor in the gym was – something to do with my day job I guess!

“So I popped down to have a look a few days later and it was evident that the floor wasn’t fit for purpose. Furthermore it was clear that the existing covering was hindering the training that John was able to deliver.”

Continues Tim: “After a good chat with John, we set about planning a new flooring scheme to accommodate the criteria, performance and demands of the area.

“Using Heckmondwike FB Supacord heavy duty carpet, we have recreated John’s task ‘zones’. By differentiating in colour, we have highlighted sparring from sprinting and bags. Shuttle runs will see no ‘half measures’ with clear markers within the carpet to define 5, 10 and 15m waypoints.

New ‘shuttle runs’ zone at Titans Boxing Gym, Sheffield

“The ‘green zone’ is a definable space adjacent to the full size boxing ring. This is where children and adults can safely complete strength & conditioning exercises. We also added a ‘run zone’ around the edge of ‘green zone’ to further define the margin.”

The ‘green zone’, a definable space adjacent to the full size boxing ring.

Adds John Fewkes: “I can’t thank Tim and his team enough for what they have done for us. Everyone who uses the gym can’t believe the transformation and the kids in particular love it.

“The zones are very clear making it much easier for people to understand when they’re asked to complete a specific exercise or task. And if I tell the kids to stay in the green zone, they won’t set a foot out of it! It’s just brilliant and really complements the discipline involved in the sport of boxing.”