Whilst the world continues to cope with the ever growing Covid-19 ‘storm’, we at A Cumberlidge strive to help the local healthcare trusts achieve their infrastructure goals.

A number of schemes are currently ongoing with the need for haste, but with the care and attention that is synonymous with the Cumberlidge brand.

Local hospital departments are being ‘readied’ as an enduring and developing plan for when the outbreak reaches the area. Sheet vinyl products are being utilised throughout where high infection control protocols are paramount. We are also fitting significant areas of PVC cladding for ease of cleaning and protection.

Risk controls for clients, staff and operatives are paramount in equal proportions with risk assessments being undertaken daily for everybody’s health and wellbeing.

Comments Tim Vaughan, director at A Cumberlidge: “We are tremendously proud of our workforce who work to complete the various important schemes. It is a concerning time for all with the need for pragmatism, attention to detail and safe working.”

Continues Tim: “The social distancing constraints are a particular challenge when working on a construction site, but understanding, consideration and tolerance will see the schemes completed without putting members of staff at risk.

“We all hope that this crisis passes as soon as possible, with our teams each playing their part and remaining safe.”