From day one, we made a commitment to being an ‘environmentally friendly’ business wherever we possibly could. One of the key areas in which we’ve excelled over the last few years is recycling. Explains Damian Bradley, project manager for A Cumberlidge: “As individuals and as a business we’re focused on doing our bit so when Recofloor launched in 2009 we joined up immediately. “Founded by two flooring manufacturers we work with extensively – Altro and Polyfloor – the scheme enables flooring contractors like ourselves to recycle their post-installation vinyl flooring, off-cuts and uplifts.” Continues Damian: “We collect all of our vinyl flooring off-cuts, waste vinyl and uplifted vinyl from client jobs in bulk bags. These are then picked up by Recofloor and taken off for recycling. “Smooth and safety vinyl flooring off-cuts are recycled into brand new flooring products by Altro and Polyflor, whilst smooth uplifted vinyl is given a second lease of life as a traffic management product such as a traffic cone!” Concludes Damian: “Recofloor is a brilliant scheme as it helps us to divert waste away from landfill and the cost and process of recycling it is also much cheaper than disposing of it any other way – it’s a win-win for any business involved in the UK flooring industry.”